Rejuvenate is our #11thHourInitiative in addressing global matters relating to youth and the world at large. Our 3-track webinar set will engage, connect and discuss rejuvenation of empathy, with a view to rethink wellness and strengthen leadership amongst youth.

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About Rejuvenate

Rejuvenate is a free-for-public signature series addressing global matters that resonates with youth. A 3-track talk set will engage, connect and discuss all things meaningful to youths and the world. #11thHourInitiative is a reminder of what we are facing today.

Our speakers come from all over the globe and share their insights and experiences to empower youths of today! We've now reached 46 countries through 30 sessions we've hosted. More to come for sure!

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We are honoured to have hosted 41 distinguished speakers from all across the globe since Edition 1. The opinions of these thought leaders and changemakers are truly appreciated and will form the basis of actionable solutions to a better future for all.

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15th June 2021 to 16th September 2021

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Melissa Indot

Melissa Indot

Creatrix & Founder of Intuitive Music Programming

Melissa Indot is a Transformative Life Coach who weaves ancient wisdom, spiritual philosophies, traditional psychology, emotional resilience processes and embodiment practices for a comprehensive & holistic experience that fosters curiosity for self enquiry, awareness & actualisation

Melissa creates safe spaces for her clients to integrate her teachings and tools that support in cultivating self awareness. Conscious Communication is a key practice in all her programmes. Her ultimate focus is on Intuitive Leadership on the premise that from a place of refined self awareness, conscious communication connects diverse perspectives with an intention to bridge and unite through create collaboration thus removing unnecessary conflict that competition often brings to the table. Melissa is the Creatrix of Intuitive Music Programming (IMP); a modality using music as a foundational tool that facilitates dynamic shifts through layers of out-dated belief systems. Her intuitive guidance provides sacred space for activating new perspectives to realise your full potential.

Cheryl Ann Fernando

Cheryl Ann Fernando


Cheryl Ann Fernando is the CEO of PEMIMPIN GSL. She previously was a teacher under Teach for Malaysia and her story inspired ‘Adiwiraku’, an inspirational movie that went on to win the best film in 2017. Cheryl was also part of the Jawatankuasa Kajian Dasar Pendidikan Negara in 2018/2019.

Samuel Isaiah

Samuel Isaiah

Programme Director at PEMIMPIN GSL

Samuel Isaiah is a passionate and driven educator and leader, who strives to bridge the gap between theory and practice by challenging the status quo, and leading collaborative changes.

Samuel, who was serving in a rural indigenous school in Pahang for 10 years, recently completed his master’s degree in educational policy under the illustrious Fulbright scholarship. This award-winning educator who was named as the top 10 finalist of the prestigious Global Teacher Prize 2020, is now Programme Director at PEMIMPIN GSL where he aspires to impact more schools nationwide.

Philip Lew

Philip Lew Chun Foong

Sports Psychology Officer at National Sports Institute

Philip Lew works as the Sport Psychology Officer in the National Sports Institute of Malaysia. He is also ISN Sports Science Team Leader for the national sailing team’s Road to Tokyo Olympics Program and an Exco Member of the Malaysian Sport Psychology Association (MASPA). Over the past 7 years he has provided psychological support (training and on-site during major sporting championships) to numerous high-performance sports teams, international and professional performers of Malaysia, including the national lawn bowling, sailing, football, and rugby sevens teams, through developing tailored interventions to assist athletes and coaches in preparation for competition and to manage the psychological demands of the sport. Philip is an instructor for the sport science courses of the National Coaching Academy (AKK) and frequently being invited to deliver lectures on performance psychology topics in conferences, universities, and coaching certification programmes, e.g. the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Professional Diploma Certificate Coaching Award

Brian Pang, PMP

Brian Pang, PMP

Product Director at EA Sports

Brian (he/him) serves as a Product Director at Electronic Arts, working on the FIFA franchise. Over his 17+ year tenure with EA, Brian has helped teams deliver over 40 AAA game titles, and development of several digital strategic initiatives, central technology, and marketing operations.

Brian also serves as the Global Board Chair for ASPIRE, EA's Asians & Pacific Islander Employee Resource Group with 1,500 members over 40 locations across 5 continents. Through ASPIRE, and his non-profit work with Asian Leaders Alliance, Stand with Asian Americans, and Ascend Leadership, Brian is dedicated to advocating for underrepresented talent, and advancing marginalized communities at a global scale.

Locally, Brian also serves on the Development Board for Canada SCORES, a non-profit providing after-school programs for vulnerable youth.

Brian was born and raised in Hong Kong, then immigrated to Canada at the age of 16. He currently resides in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, with his wife, daughter and two golden doodles.

Besma Guesmi

Besma Guesmi

Microelectronics & Embedded Systems Engineer

Besma Guesmi is 25 years old Tunisian and is a microelectronics and embedded systems engineer student. Her interest is in the field of computer vision and edge AI and is passionate about entrepreneurship as well as tech. She has been coaching in kids robotics for 3 years now.

Her past experiences includes being as chairwoman, ambassador and leader in national and international associations and organizations such as IEEE and Google. She participated in a lot of startup program accelerators last year and was selected as one of the 100 top startup ideas in the startup Istanbul program.

Currently, she is a consultant intern at Ubotica technologies company, one of the leading companies in the fields of AI, IoT and tech in the world.

William Jackson, M.Ed

William Jackson, M.Ed

STEAM Educator at Duval County Public School

William, a 33 year veteran in elementary, middle school and higher education is currently a STEAM Educator with Duval County Public Schools and a Professor Florida State College Jacksonville, Florida. No stranger to the speaking circuit, he has had speaking engagements through a variety of major technology and education conferences such as the ones organised by educ8, One Africa Forum and Let The Bible Speak webinar.

William is a true “WordCamp Digital Evangelist” speaking internationally and teaching at KidsCamp conferences. He of course plays a pivotal role in organizing, teaching and advocating for WordCamp conferences since 2010. His other experience involves teaching with NASA as an Internet and technology instructor in collaboration with Edward Waters College, as a technology consultant at the Florida Department of Education FIRNTEC and as a community liaison with TEDxFSCJ Florida State College of Jacksonville.

To boot, he is also a Southern Ford Motor Company & Connect Ford Blogger and a blogger on, Africa On The Blog and other international sites besides running his own personal blog at https:/

Aida Jackson

Aida Jackson

Owner of LoveBuilt Life LLC

Aida Jackson is an internationally recognized speaker and workshop facilitator. As a seasoned professional, she works to cultivate diversity, equity, and inclusivity where art and technology meet. Aida specializes in working with organizations that are looking for creative ways to establish an equitable presence online via their website and graphic design. She is an influencer in the WordCamp Community, which is powered by WordPress. Aida is also an organizer for WordCamp Jacksonville and WordCamp US. She regularly facilitates Kids Camps and other community STEAM events (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics). Aida is also a former Ford VIP Blogger for Your Southern Ford Dealers.

Dini Tajudin

Dini Tajudin

Branding Coach & CEO of Diniflix

Dini built one of her online startups to 7-Figures in 2 years - all from her bedroom. 21 years in Branding, Sales & Marketing taught her some of the best lessons in life. Her previous clients include Pos Malaysia, Ministry of Tourism, Perdana Leadership Foundation and SMEs.

Actively coaching and mentoring startups and SMEs via Malaysian Global Innovation Corporation MaGIC and, Dini holds strong to her favorite lesson learned over the hard years as an entrepreneur:

“Growth does not come from our comfort zone. We have to be willing to subscribe to the inconvenience and pain of growth to break our glass ceilings and achieve our goals”. .

Desiree Kaur

Desiree Kaur

Founder of Project Haans

Desiree’s passion to advocate all abilities was ignited in 2017, when her son Haans was diagnosed with autism. She decided to empower herself with knowledge and found the most useful information coming from people on similar journeys. She has a Master in Education (Special Education) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). Desiree spearheaded Project Haans, an initiative aimed at awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity. It kicked off with an awareness event which garnered media attention in 2019. Since then, Project Haans’ social media accounts remained active, formed a club on Clubhouse and website launched on 27 July 2021.

Patricia Rivera

Patricia Rivera

Co-founder of The Heart at Play Foundation

Patricia Rivera is co-founder of the The Heart at Play Foundation, a nonprofit championing inclusion and empowerment for Persons with Special Needs from indigent families in the Philippines. To date, the nonprofit's pioneered therapeutic dance program has reached 3,700 individuals in America and the Philippines. Patricia also co-owns Kidlat Dance Studio, training ground for aspiring dancers of ALL ages and abilities. She's been a movement educator for a decade and a 3-time TEDx speaker now writing for a national broadsheet. Also an award-winning director-choreographer of dance films, Patricia is pursuing a Master's in Special Education to further advocate for craft and community.

Carly Considine

Carly Considine

Autism Advocate

Carly Considine from England is a public speaker and advocate who upholds a huge passion for neurodiversity acceptance, women's rights, LGBTQIA+ rights and inclusion. She also co-run South Wiltshire National Autistic Society branch for 2 years.

Carly was diagnosed with autism in July 2015 and is currently waiting to be assessed for ADHD. Carly is also Mum to 2 autistic daughters and a neurotypical son. She has a vast knowledge of the autism spectrum and co-occurring conditions/disorders that can often come alongside autism, she also has a thirst for knowledge and learning new concepts and opinions, she also channels the “why” “how” “what” of life and navigates through this

Chevonne Hassan

Chevonne Hassan

Life Coach, Speaker & Mental Health Advocate

Chevonne is a passionate Transformational Life and Leadership Coach, facilitator, speaker, and mental health advocate. She focuses on creating safe spaces for everyone to share from their hearts - in and out of the workplace. Chevonne has held management roles specialising in high-performance development and coaching across entire organisations, all while challenging the status quo.

She has spent over 11 years in the Business Process Outsourcing industry as a corporate trainer, facilitator, coach, and Human Resources practitioner. Today, Chevonne offers a wide range of coaching and facilitation services - from individual and group coaching, to leadership facilitation, and talks.

Amelia Tan

Amelia Tan

Co-founder & CEO of 100% Project

Amelia is an ex-investment banker turned social entrepreneur. Her career trajectory took an unexpected turn after her stint as a fundraiser at Teach For Malaysia which exposed her to the power of digital marketing campaigns. She went on to build 100% Project, Malaysia’s 1st crowdfunding platform for education, raising more than RM3 million for schools across the country. Amelia is passionate about social change, the power of community and advocates for mental health awareness via her talk show The Struggle Is Real. She is currently building her 2nd social enterprise and is attempting to write a children’s story book.

Pranav Savla

Pranav Savla

Developer at Vidyadrishti

Pranav is a 15 year old student from Bangalore, India, studying in the 10th grade. He first saw a computer at the age of 7, and instantly fell in love with it. Five years later, at the age of 12, he wrote his first computer program: a simple console app to print a greeting to the user. He didn’t know it then, but that print message would signal a turning point for him.

Now, 3 years later, he can just thank every force in this world for that opportunity to learn how to code. At the age of 13, he attended, for the first time, a course called CS50, offered by Harvard University. That was the first time he built a web application.

He is now a mobile and web app developer as well as a tech reviewer on YouTube. He also helped found an organization called Vidyadrishti, which aims to help people write better, whilst allowing them to choose their paths of learning. He just happens to be...

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