Watch all live and past sessions here

Watch all live and past sessions here

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Steven Sherman

Steve is the Chief Imagination Officer of the STEAM based NGO, Living Maths. He teaches a few thousand students weekly around the world. He feels that it is his destiny to spread the joy of mathematics, science, engineering, edtech, numbers, problem solving and creative thinking to anyone who is willing to listen and even to those who are not. He is a 2020 recipient of the Global Teacher Award, 2 x TEDx speaker, A Mote Certified Educator, Kahoot Ambassador, Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and one of only 2 Skype Master Teachers in South Africa. He knows Karate, Ju-jitsu and 2 other Japanese words and he has a black belt in buffet.

Jia-Ping Lee

Jia Ping is passionate about people and places. Over the years she has been able to incorporate her varied experiences in theatre, the arts and brand strategy to rejuvenate urban spaces, as well as create corporate cultures that attract and retain talent.

As the former Programme Director at Think City, a govt-linked urban rejuvenation ‘think and do’ tank, she drove the rejuvenation of the heritage core of Kuala Lumpur. She introduced an entrepreneur matching grant to the Think City Grants Programme for 4 cities in Malaysia. Using her theatre training and love of the arts, she spearheaded Arts on the Move, KL’s longest running visual and performing arts programme in an LRT station.

One of her proudest achievements was fostering and enabling Kebun Kebun Bangsar - a joint project in collaboration with Ng Seksan, KL City Hall and Think City. A community farm and garden under a stretch of electricity pylons. After three years, the farm is sustainable, self-funding and helps not only to provide a green refuge for the community but also provides fresh produce to homeless kitchens and orphanages.

She is currently the Chairperson of Placemaking Malaysia, under the auspices of Malaysian Institute of Planners, Board Member of Placemakingx based in New York and Honourary Council Member of Badan Warisan Malaysia (Heritage Trust of Malaysia).

Danny Kim

Danny Kim is a documentary filmmaker based in Suwon, South Korea. His first feature documentary film "Love Child" as a producer screened at such festivals as Sundance, Jeonju International Film Festival, and Wisconsin Film Festival. His recent credits include videographer for the Wall Street Journal on “How South Korea Experiments With Universal Basic Income.”

Kim launched Docu+ in March 2021, a documentary production company focusing on social impact storytelling. He is currently in production on his latest project, Zero Waste, which examines the environmental cost of single-use plastic. Kim has worked as a freelance Assistant Editor at Wondros and Cabin Editing Company in Santa Monica, CA and has taught part-time at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at USC and the University of Utah Asia Campus department of Film and Media Arts. Kim is a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts - Radio, TV & Film and holds Masters of Fine Arts degree at Duke University's Experimental and Documentary Arts program in Durham, NC.

Richard Prinsloo Curson

Richard grew up with three brothers and two sisters on a rural English farm, went to college to study Media and at 16, had his first book of poetry published Burst with Verse! He went on to broadcast for two years on Magic AM in Yorkshire, then moved to London and under renowned publicist Jules Just learned the craft of making stars out of people and their brands.

He then became a familiar face on the London social circuit hosting some of the most memorable celebrity parties including a series of Club4Climate parties for climate change awreness and worked with the most famous media brands in the country including OK! Magazine and ITV. Richard's work with familiar faces and brands around the world help them make impacts and impressions throught what they do in the media.

Now of course Richard is hard at work on the Noah's Ark project. With so much to do and so little time to waste, Richard is involved in each and every aspect of the Noah's Ark project; from fund raising to project development. He is also busy with the production journey of building a modern day, 21st-century Ark.

Ryan Pelkey M.Ed

Ryan is a 49 year old American living in Northern Virginia, USA. For the last 22 years he has been a Health and PE teacher with an emphasis on integrated learning and teaching. He also has experience as an athletic director, speaker, coach, author and school administrator.

His hustle for success is contagious and his cheerleading for achievement of all stakeholders has set him apart as a mover and educational disruptor. As a leader, he is often found in front, next to and behind his teams, filling the gaps where needed to reach their goals.

He is a firm believer that all students can and will learn and the bar for achievement needs to be kept high. At home, he is a husband and dad of 6 and can be found hanging out with his dogs, watching his Philadephia Eagles or trying to re-invent the wheel.

Johnson Lam

Highly energetic, always on the go, passionate for DIYs and sharing the idea of using resources around us to solve problems, Johnson Lam is a community builder who founded KakiDIY. Focuses on DIY education mainly on life-skills and STE(A)M; inspiring makers to be solving problems using resources around us. All these starts from the grass-root of education, up-cycling and recycling old stuff into something artistic and useful.

By day, He is Head of Knowledge Management for AXIATA and by night he works on his passion as a DIY Community Builder.

KakiDIY focuses on using resources around us to solve problems; be it physical materials or manpower. The movement then incubates next generation problem solvers into enterprising mindset and eventually building their own company selling their products and services. KakiDIY also scouts for talented makers and collaborate them into building solutions for the industry.

Sobanna Nair

Sobanna Nair, 24 , is currently a 5th year medical student at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM). She is a returnee and alumni of US Department of State Youth Exchange & Study (YES) program in the year 2015. Upon entering med-school she actively participated in Malaysian Medics International (MMI) and held positions as the former Co-chair and Vice President of MMI. Her interest involves joining international programs to widen her connections and knowledge, volunteering and recently, she has won the best delegate in the Asian Medical Student Exchange Program (AMSEP) Indonesia. She believes that opportunities are out there and if one wishes to gain experience, then just grab the opportunities and explore the world!

Gajed Nad

Gajen Nad is a virtual stand-up comedian, emcee, trainer & content creator. He has been doing stand-up comedy for nearly 10 years now. Pre-pandemic he has performed in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, India & Australia. In 2019, he was awarded 'Most Promising Stand-up Comedian' by Top 10 Malaysia. In 2020, he pivoted to virtual comedy and has then performed for big firms such as HSBC, PUMA, GSK, Maybank, Cisco, HPE and many more. Apart from virtual comedy and emceeing, he does virtual training on presentation skills. The training sessions are mainly on how to be more engaging and interactive during virtual meetings. He has also done virtual motivational talks on happiness & positive thinking.

Jarvis Talwar

13 year old Jarvis Talwar's favorite hobby is cooking as he loves to be creative with his recipes. The boy who was originally from Uttarakhand, India but has since studied in Singapore and Malaysia also names traveling and being active in sports as part of his hobbies. What not many may know is that he is a big nature explorer, spending time in nature and learning about animals is what he likes best.

He has been involved in charity work since a very young age and tries to get involved in social and community activities whenever possible. Even with certain movement restriction orders in place, Jarvis and his family find ways to distributed food to the underprivileged communities. He thinks that honing digital skills like coding is essential these days and would want to start creating websites, build apps and games.

He is also currently the World Youth Ambassador of the Noah's Ark Foundation. How did he land the role of a lifetime as an animal and nature lover? Catch his session with us to find out!

Aidil Iman Aidid

Aidil Iman Aidid, 22, has been active in advocating for environmental justice, climate action & nature conservation for three years now. His passion lies in policymaking and research for sustainability, especially through linking climate action with biodiversity conservation.

Using social media as a tool to raise awareness, Aidil focuses on youth engagement in regards to the planet’s health. Aidil has participated in several talks and interviews with UNICEF, AWANI, BERNAMA to mobilise youth participation in environmental advocacy. He has also addressed these issues at local Malaysian universities like UM, IIUM and UiTM.

He is currently attached to MyHutan, a movement powered by Undi18 that focuses on institutionalising forest conservation in Malaysia. His tasks at MyHutan include mobilising accountability throughout the movement, managing partnerships and building capacity on knowledge about Malaysia’s state of forests. Aidil is also a new media member the Malaysian Youth Delegation which focuses on building climate change literacy among young Malaysians and navigating climate policies.

Sidharrth Nagappan

Sidharrth is a Computer Science student who is the co-founder of Sambal SOS, a platform that crowdsources aid data across the nation, growing to 26,000 users and going viral at a national level. He's interested in full-stack development and deep learning and the harmony between the two.

Before pursuing an undergraduate degree in Computer Science specialising in Data Science, Sidharrth completed his O-Levels. He is also a KUMON completer, an avid debater and an active participant and chairperson at Model United Nations Conferences. He enjoys breaking things, hackathons and all things tech.

He's currently working on completing his undergraduate degree, growing the Sambal SOS open source community and working on mini side projects.


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