Watch all live and past sessions here

Watch all live and past sessions here

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1000 (GMT+8) | Zero Waste – The Battle Begins

by Danny Kim

As a documentary director, producer and cinematographer, Danny’s latest project called Zero Waste is a work in progress showcasing four changemakers in South Korea battling the plastic waste pollution. What are these four changemakers doing and how can we all learn from it? We find out from the man behind the camera.

1130 (GMT+8) | Future-proofing Kids Around The Globe

by Steve Sherman

What’s a Global Teacher Award recipient and 2x TEDx speaker doing conducting weekly classes for thousands of students weekly from around the world? The idea is to future-proof kids and ensure they are equipped with the right skill sets and the right mind set to navigate through challenging times. No better man for the job than a man who calls himself the Chief Imagination Officer.

1300 (GMT+8) | Fighting For My Hutan

by Aidil Iman Aidid

At 22, Aidil knows what he is fighting for – and that is environmental justice! This guy will stop at nothing to ensure the world he lives in for the many many years to come will be one that takes climate action, nature conservation and environmental justice seriously. Forest conservation is currently his focus with MyHutan, a movement powered by Undi18 and the many youths who are sick of fixing the problems we created today!

1700 (GMT+8) | Global Conservation in the Heart of Africa

by Richard Prinsloo Curson and Jarvis Talwar

Build the world's largest and technically advance ecological and conservation park in history? Noah's Ark Foundation is an ambitious reaction to the eco crisis on earth and will motivate new common eco values in society, strengthening the relationship between humanity and the world around us. The solution? Build a state-of-the-art national park on the East Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal over a 100 square kilometer area, including a 12 square kilometer visitor and science compound. Here's the story

1900 (GMT+8) | Stand Up and Find Your Happy!

by Gajen Nad

How did a consultant in Accenture ended up in stand up comedy? And how did a comedian ended up impacting the lives of many through his compassion? Gajen turns the negative into laughter and spread positive vibes to the people around him. With over a 100 events now under his belt, we ask if he’s the funniest virtual comedian in town, and some may say the world.

1230 (GMT+8) | Here Comes The Tie Guy

by Ryan Pelkey M.Ed

Hear how this 22 years education veteran change the lives of his students, one tie at a time. This education disruptor has been for years reinventing the wheels of how learning should be and has set high expectations for his charges. How does he keep the enthusiasm high and what drives him? What is his take on post pandemic education?

1400 (GMT+8) | Where’s My Sauce

by Sidharrth Naggapan

Many Malaysians answered the call for help from other Malaysians during the pandemic. One 19 year old took it further by creating a platform that aggregated source of help and those who are seeking help. Simple to navigate, simple to load, the Sambal SOS has got it spot on! Judging by the trajectory of this co founder, I don’t think we will see the last of this whizz kid. He is destined for greater good and we can’t wait to tag along for the ride!

1530 (GMT+8) | Placemaking To Unite Us All

by Lee Jia-Ping

As an urban rejuvenator and place consultant, Jia-Ping’s inspirational journey as a placemaker who has been advocating and creating better places to live, work and play has been pivotal to Malaysia. Why is placemaking important? What values can be derived from these practices? As the former Programme Director at Think City and one of the main enablers of Kebun Kebun Bangsar, she is no stranger in revitalizing spaces and strives to help seed hope in urban, corporate, cultural and inner places.

1645 (GMT+8) | Impacting Through Passion

by Johnson Lam

Where have you been if you’ve not heard of KakiDIY? This community is founded on the basis of pure passion to share ideas of using resources to solve problems. The focus on DIY education, mainly on life-skills and STE(A)M, inspires makers to be solving problems using resources around us. He believes that all these begins from grass-root education.

1800 (GMT+8) | Open To A World Of YES

by Sobanna Nair a/p Appunni

Being an active participant during the Asian Medical Student’s Exchange Program (AMSEP) 2021 was one key factor in this 24 year old receiving the Best Delegate award amongst 20 other participants. Her experience in the Kennedy-Lugar Youth Exchange & Study (YES) program back in 2015 definitely was a great stepping stone. We will find out from this budding medical student as to her what and why in life.


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