We are rethinking the future of work, one session at a time! Regardless of whether its for your personal growth, developing a mind set or preparing yourself for the future, listen to learn, challenge the status quo and stay in the know!

11.30 AM (GMT +8)
Industry Driven TVET

by Rashvin Pal Singh, Quek Sue Yian and Dr. Palvinder Singh

12.45 PM (GMT +8)
End The Stigma

by Che Puan Sarimah Ibrahim

02.00 PM (GMT +8)
Norma Baharu Dunia TVET

by Ts. Zainab bt. Ahmad

04.00 PM (GMT +8)
Rock Your LinkedIn Journey with 5 Strategies

by Con Sotidis and Craig Langley

06.00 PM (GMT +8)
Relevant Career Mindset

by Joseph Fridner, Serena Lee, Gabriel Ekman and Tyler Chin

10.00 AM (GMT +8)
Creating & Nurturing Tech Talent

by Dr.Sumitra Nair

11.30 AM (GMT +8)
Redefining A Future Pathway

by Monica Chan

02.00 PM (GMT +8)
Technopreneurship – An Emerging Field of Entrepreneurship

by Ramachandran Muniandy

03.30 PM (GMT +8)
TVET 4.0 – Are We Ready?

by Ts. Dr. Chua Wen-Shyan

05.30 PM (GMT +8)
How ‘Happy’ Are You?

by Chevonne Hassan and Patrick Mabilog

07.00 PM (GMT +8)
Youth Unemployment – A Perspective

by Felipe Cofiño, Rie Eichmann and Vandana Sharma

10.00 AM (GMT +8)
Tackling Skill-Based Learning Post COVID-19

by Dr.Maszlee Malik


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