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Yeo Bee Yin was the Minister of Energy, Technology, Science, Environment and Climate Change and currently the Member of Parliament for Bakri.

Yeo graduated from University Technology Petronas with a first-class honours in Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge, MPhil. in Advanced Chemical Engineering with Commendation and a recipient of Gates Cambridge Scholarship.

Recently, Yeo was recognised as Nature’s Top 10 people who mattered most in 2018 by renowned scientific journal, "Nature". She is named as one of The Seven People Who Stood Up for Our Planet 2018 by "Eco-Business".

She was also listed as one of The 25 Inspirational Female Climate Leaders who will be shaping the climate agenda in 2019 by "The Ecologist", a British environmental magazine which addresses a wide range of environmental subjects.



Julian is a scientist by training, with a degree in biochemistry. He moved to KL in 1998 to head up an environmental consulting company, before moving to Tioman Island to pursue his dream of running his own dive centre, which he did for six years. It was during that time that he became interested in Reef Check, which he helped to set up in 2007. 14 years later, Reef Check now has a national coral reef survey programme and field offices in three sites. Today, Julian will share about their work on Pulau Manatani.



Lottie Dowling is the Manager of Going Global at Meg and one of the cofounders at Educ8, one of the largest Education clubs on Clubhouse. She specialises in Global Citizenship Education. Over the last twenty years she has worked globally as a teacher and professional learning leader on a global, national and regional levels. She has run networks of schools with educators working on pedagogical change and school improvement, facilitated educators development of intercultural understanding both nationally and internationally and delivered professional learning in a range of contexts including face to face and digitally, including through social media.



Teddy Slavcheva is the CEO of InnoP AS, a startup that is looking to helping recycle plastic waste into a circular and sustainable solution. Through smart architecture, design and material research with the environment in mind, they wish to create valuable solutions using recycled plastic waste.

The multi talented entrepreneur is also the founder of Soo. Magazine, a leading voice in all things sustainability, focusing on topics in art, architecture, thoughts, and nature. She is also a Vice Leader at Women In Tech Oslo and a Global Ambassador at WomenTech Network, a community that promotes ​gender diversity in tech and connects talented and skilled professionals around the world.



Darryl is an indigenous (Navajo) licensed professional counsellor and school psychologist working on the Navajo Reservation. He incorporates Navajo traditional methods into his practice along with cognitive-behavioural therapy, motivational interviewing and solutions-focused therapy.

Currently based in Arizona, he is a US Army Veteran in the Airborne Infantry, a grandson of Navajo Code Talker besides being an indigenous mental health educational consultant.



A Renewable Energy Professional, Syaqil was introduced to the Malaysian Youth Delegation in 2017, through MYD’s sister organisation, Powershift Malaysia. With MYD, he’s had the opportunity to attend the annual UN Climate Change Conferences in 2017 and 2018, as well as the 2019 Asia Pacific Climate Week in Bangkok. He believes that it is important for youth to be part of an inclusive policy-making process. Ultimately, it is young and future generations who will be facing the full effects of the climate crisis.

During his free time, Syaqil enjoys sports in general and makes time for the occasional hike. He is also a feline-lover with two dorky cats at home, Timo and Awang. He is a former Focal Point of MYD 2020.



Djimo is inspired by nature and passionate about clean technologies. His mission is to promote environmental science, engineering and stewardship across education!

He helps educators engage students with real-world environmental and engineering phenomena without having to leave the classroom. JustLearn.io has scaled down aquaponics into a small form-factor ecosystem called PlanetBox that is reliable and easy to use, and that comes with curriculum, alignment to standards and video tutorials so educators can focus on teaching while bringing to life topics in cycles, system's thinking, ecology, agriculture, biology and many other fields.



Nisha is an experimental service designer focused on disruptive innovation around environment and social enterprise. Trained as an engineer who worked across several industries from medical relief, outdoor team building, business consulting then oil & gas before venturing out as a sustainability facilitator to provide curated learning moments to raise environmental empathy. 2010 she co founded Ecocentric Transitions with partner Loo Ly Mun where they curate practical learning of environmental care, Permaculture Design and community-based reskilling.

In 2019 Nisha and her team published RIMBA The Card Game. A deck of 150 cards featuring 30 endangered Malaysian animals that have several modes of play. Currently Nisha is a solution provider for the APPGM SDG CSO Alliance (All Party Parliamentary Group) where she participates with the research committee to develop baseline information, recommendations and designs site specific SDG aligned interventions to engage stakeholders.



Pendar is the founder of MindYourFootprint!, a non-profit that has educated and empowered many children to become eco-warriors (or as they prefer, 'eco-subconscious') for more than a decade. They realised that sustainability education can become challenging, and so created an educational model to translate complicated sustainability issues into entertaining, engaging and interactive language through free resources for schools.

They are also the creator of the Climate Dice, a storytelling dice game that is designed to empower people to re-imagine an alternative better future. With every set of dice they sell, a set of dice is donated to schools in remote areas of the world (in Global South) where they estimate to reach and empower hundreds of children to dream and build their future, a future they live in peace and harmony with everyone on this planet.

At heart, I’m a storyteller; I’ve written a few story books for children and I’m about to finish my first non-fiction named ‘Eco-subconscious’.



Aroe is a university student who actively speaks about the climate crisis in Malaysia. Now, she is one of the young people in Klima Action Malaysia (KAMY) who builds capacity of other youth to fight the climate crisis.

For Aroe, the climate crisis is not just a youth issue, but a health and socio-economic issue of the people. As KAMY's technical officer and head of the research team, she focuses on the production of visual content to provide a platform for marginal communities such as the indigenous people; in the formation of a people-based discourse of the climate, which is often underestimated by many.


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